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The college has the following infrastructure facilities for sports and physical education.

i)                    A playground for football, hockey, Volleyball and cricket.

ii)                  Indoor badminton court

iii)                 Teni-koit double court

iv)                Cemented basketball court with boards

v)                 Kabadi playground

vi)                Field area -120 mtr. X 90 mtr. Pavilion room

vii)              Sports pandal

viii)             A separate Boys' common room and Girls' common room equipped with indoor games like carom, table tennis, chess etc.


Following sports equipment is available.

(i)                 40 nos. of hurdles

(ii)               High jump of right

(iii)              Pole volt, vaulting box and pole

(iv)             Victory stand

(v)              Volley ball

(vi)             Football

(vii)           Basket ball

(viii)          Cricket full size mat - 66ft X 8 ft.

(ix)             Cricket bats

(x)               Discus

(xi)             Hammer

(xii)            Shotput

(xiii)          Javelin etc.


A multi-gym is being set up with the funds made available by the UGC.


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