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Notice Board
1235/21-04-23 A "Walk in interview" for engagement of guest faculties in different subjects for Bhadrak Higher Secondary school,Bhadrak for session 2023-241235.pdf Principal
dt. 04.03.2023
Programme for U.G. Ist,4th,VIth, & P.G. Ist,(SF) & 4th Mid Sem. Examination 2023 Principal
228,230/01.03.23 Filling up application form through online U.G.-2nd,4th,6th & P.G.- 2nd,4th semester reg. and back 2023 Principal
224,225/25.02.23 Conformation of Comply of mark & Recheking of mark of U.G.IInd,Ivth P.G. IInd semister 2022 Controller
469/21.02.23 Tender call notice for labratory equipment  Principal
183/20.02.23 Production of Re-admission receipt of +3 rd yr,2nd yr &P.G 2nd yr classes Principal
181/20.02.23 Filling of form for U.G -II/IV/V & P.G II/III special mid-sems exam 2023 Principal
Practical programme for U.G. ,P.G. and Self-financing courses 1st sems reg and back 2022 Principal
1100/03.02.2023 Publication of result of U.G. sem. - II,IV & P.G. Sem. - II Reg. and Back Principal
289/31.01.2023 Scholarship notice to all the students Adhar link with Bank Account Principal
26,28,30/24.1.23 Practical Programme for U.G. 3rd & 5th Sem./ P.G. 3rd Sem. 2022 Principal
23/19.01.2023 Revised Programme for P.G. P-305,306 & U.G.sem.-III Principal
18/18.01.2023 Programme for the U.G. First sem.
( Reg./Back/Improvement) Examination2022.
1094/30.12.2022 Update Student Login U.G. & P.G Controller
28.12.2022 Advertisement for Research Asst. Principal
28.12.2022 Walk in Interveiw for self finansing course  MCA  
28.12.2022 Walk in Interveiw for self finansing course B.Sc Hons, Principal
5055/20.12.2022 Refund of Admission fee who have taken CLC during the Admission- 2022 Principal
Clarification regarding fake letter No. 5000 dt. 16.12.2022 Principal
5014/17.12.2022 U.G. 4th phase Admission 2022 Principal
1064/06.12.2022 Revised Programme for U.G. 5th Sem. Examination Reg. Back & Improvement 2022 Principal
dt. 01.12.2022
Programme for P.G. Ist,3rd  Sem. Examination Reg., Back & Improvement 2022 Principal
Programme for U.G. Ist,3rd & 5th Sem. Examination Reg., Back & Improvement 2022 Principal
1051/30.11.2022 All the student, Update their profile in student login site on or before 10.12.2022 Principal
4356/22.11.2022 Selection list of UG 3rd Phase Admission in to +3 Ist year classes Principal
4244/21.11.2022 Quotation for Student I-Card Principal
4246/21.11.2022 Selection Notice for P.G. Admission from reported waiting candidates Principal
1036/19.11.2022 Programme for Mid. Sem. Examination U.G. & P.G. classes Principal
2022-23 Admission in to Professional Courses (B.Sc. (Hons) Data Science / B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics & Computing / PGDCA) Principal
4178/17.11.2022 Selection notice for P.G Admission of reported waiting candidates Principal
4130/15.11.2022 Admission Notice in MCA of professional course (PPP mode) Principal
4128/14.11.2022 Waiting list for P.G. IInd phase admission 2022 Principal
4126/14.11.2022 Selection list for P.G. IInd phase admission 2022 Principal
1006/05.11.2022 Programme for Mid sem. examination of U.G. 3rd sem., U.G. 5th sem.& P.G. 3rd sem. Mid sem. examination 2022. Principal
3385/02.11.2022 The Environmental Studies & Disaster Management (AECC 1) class will be held  from 03. 11. 2022 onward, of the session 2022 -23 at 9.15AM to 10.00AM. Principal
3870/02.11.2022 New Programs, guideline and vacancy of seats for admission into PG1st yr classes against vacancy seats for the session-2022-23 Principal
998/01.11.2022 Change of Generic Elective paper of U.G 1st year, Ist sem.and U.G.2nd year, 3rd semester. Principal
988/22.10.2022 Revised form fill up notice scheduled to held on 25.10.2022. Principal
3730/21.10.2022 Hostel selection waiting list for P.G. students Principal
3728/21.10.2022 Hostel selection list for P.G.Students Principal
3685/19.10.22 Payment of Admission fees through on-line for P.G. classes Principal
3677/19.10.22 Payment of Admission fees through on-line for U.G. classes Principal
960/14.10.2022 Filling up forms for the UG Ist Sem. Back and Improvement examination 2022 of +3 Arts, Science, commerce, & Self Financing classes 2021  (Adm.batch). Controller
3586/15.10.22 Application for P.G. Hostel admission Principal
3539/14.10.22 Hostel selection list for U.G. students Principal
945/10.10.2022 Filling up forms for the UG 5th Sem. Back and Improvement examination 2022 Arts, Science, commerce, & Self Financing classes 2018,2019 Adm.batch. Controller
931/30.09.2022 Filling up forms for the PG Ist Sem. Back and Improvement examination 2022 Arts, Science, commerce, & Self Financing classes 2022 Controller
929/30.09.2022 Filling up the forms UG 3rd sem. back & Improvement 2022 Arts, Science, commerce, & Self Financing classes Controller
925/30.09.2022 Filling up forms for the UG Ist Sem. Back and Improvement examination 2022 Arts, Science, commerce, & Self Financing classes 2022 Controller
935/30.09.2022 Filling up forms for the UG ist,iiird Mid sem. Back Examination2022 & PG Ist Mid Sem. Examination 2022 Controller
916/27.09.2022   Re-Admission notice
for P.G. IInd yr Self Financing Courses & U.G.IInd yr. Self financing courses 2021-22 Adm. Batch and IIIrd yr. Self financing courses 2020-21 Adm. Batch (PPP mode). The students of the above classes are required to deposit  fees at collection counter as per Programme positively.
862/21.09.2022 Practical Exam. Programme of U.G.4th Semester regular 2022 Principal
860/20.09.2022 Re-Cheking of marks U.G. Ist & IIIrd sem. R&B 2022 Controller
859/20.09.2022 Correction of marks U.G. Ist & IIIrd Sem.2021 Controller
766/05.09.2022 Practical Programme of U.G.Iind semester & P.G. IInd semester 2021 Principal
763/05.09.2022 Publication of result P.G. Ist semester
2021 on 05.09.2022 after 08.00 PM
737/27.08.2022 Recheking result of U.G.Vth sem. 22 Principal
734/26.08.22 All clases of Bhadrak Auto. College & Bhadrak Junior College are suspended on 27.08.2022 for OPSC-ASO Examination,2021 Principal
713/20.08.2022 Modification of Notice No.Ex641 dt. 06.08.2022 Examination Programme is postponed until further order. Controller
2509/20.08.22 Cancellation of guest faculty interview Principal
690/19.08.2022 Modification of Notice No.-638, 641, 644,dt.06.08.2022 & Ex. 647 dt. 08.08.2022 Exam. time scheduled Principal
2435/10.08.2022 Walk in Interview for engagement of guest faculty in deferent subject, Bhadrak Auto. College, Bhadrak Principal
654/08.08.2022 Result published U.G. Ist, IIIrd exam. 2021 Principal
647/08.08.2022 Examination programme for P.G. IInd sem. S/F course 2022 Principal
641,644/6.8.22 Examination programme for U.G. IInd & IVth sem. 2022 Principal
638/06.08.2022 Examination programme for P.G. IInd semester Reg. 2022 Principal
621/03.8.2022 Filling up of application form for the U.G. 5th semester ( Spl. Bacvk) 2022 Principal
2206/22.7.2022 Walk in Interview for engagement of deferent academic positions for 2year B.Ed course in Bhadrak Auto. College, Bhadrak Principal
524/19.07.2022 U.G. VIth sem. & P.G. IVth sem. Examination on 19.07.2022 is hereby postpoed due to unavoidable situation Principal
503/13.07.2022              Re-Admission notice
for +3 IInd yr , +3 IIIrd yr and P.G. IInd yr Arts, Science, Commerce  & BCA . The students of the above classes are required to deposit  fees at collection counter as per Programme positively.
  Dt. -30.6.22
Programme for U.G.IInd semesterExam. 2022. Back-2020&2019 Admission batch. Controller
Dt.-  27.6.22
Programme for U.G.6th semester, &
P.G.4th semester Exam. 2022.regular and back 2018-2019 batch and 2019-2020 adm. batch respectively
1416/28.06.22 A walk-in intervew for G.F.for the Session 2022-23 Principal
410 / 17.06.22 Filling up forms for U.G.-VI & P.G.-IV mid sem. (Back) Examination 2022 Principal
405 / 16.06.22 Re Examination Programme for U.G. & P.G. students who have failed to appeared the examination 2021. Principal
Z2/02.06.2022 Application for Substitute Examiners in History,Sanskrit,Education,Opt. Odia,Pol. Science & Opt. Urdu Zone Superviser
02.06.2022 Advertisement for Reserch Assistant under OURIIP 2021 Principal
383 / 23.05.22 Re-Examination programme for U.G. & P.G. students who have failed to appeared the examination 2021. Principal
375,377/18.5.22 Filling up forms B.ed IInd yr. back 2022 & U.G. IInd,IVth,& Vth sem.back and Improvement 2022 Principal
368 / 14.05.22 Revised Mid sem. examination programme U.G. 6th & P.G. 4th -22 Principal
341 / 10.05.22 Distribution of Registration Receipt of +3 IIIrd year students at Admission section as per programme Principal
332 / 07.05.22 Filling of form for U.G.-II,IV,& P.G. II mid-sem (Back) Examination 2022 Principal
 316 / 06.05.22 Seven days notice for reporting who have not appeared the end-sem. exa. Controller
292 / 04.05.22 Practical Programme for U.G.Ist Semester .2021 Controller
276,278 30.04.22 Practical Programme for P.G.Ist yr. Controller
dt. 23.04.2022
Filling of forms U.G.2nd & 4th sem.
P.G.2nd Sem.Self finansing cources
Regular and back 2022
969 / 22.04.22 Quotation call notice for highering vehicles to be engaged in +2 Exam. Principal
248/13.04.2022 Practical Programme UG 3rd semister and Grouping Controller
U.G. Back / Improvement form fill up for 2nd(Back)/4th (Back)/6th (Back/Improvement)2022 Controller
Re-Revised Programme P.G. & U.G. Examination ( Offline Mode) Controller
Revised Programme P.G. & U.G. Examination ( Offline Mode) Controller
173/15.03.22 Result U.G. IVth Sem. 2021 Controller
114/10.03.22 Admit card U.G. Ist,IIIrd,Vth& P.G.Ist, IIIrd 2021 Controller
104/09.03.22 Result B.Ed  Ist Sem. 2021 Controller
Detailed Practical Progeamme for U.G.5th sem. R/B exam. 2021 Principal
51/25.02.2022 U.G. IInd sem. result 2021 published Controller
46/22.02.2022 Filling up forms (Off line mode) U.G. , P.G. S/F course Back and Improvement Exa. 2021 with Rs1000/- fine Controller
44/22.02.2022 Reminder Notice for Re-admission & deposit of fee for 2021-22 Principal
21/16.02.2022 Notice for  face Medical Board Principal
42/10.02.2022 Special Mid-Sem Examination Programme 2021 Controller
40/10.02.2022 Special Re-Admission for U.G. & P.G. students who have not deposit their Re-admission fee for 2021-22 Principal
15/21.01.2022 SPECIAL MID-SEMESTER Examination  U.G. 3rd year & P.G. IInd year classes Controller
175/20.01.22 Special spot selection for P.G. Admission 2022 Principal
98/12.01.2022 Application for special spot selection in P.G. Ist year classes on vacancy subject wise 2022 Principal
06/05.01.2022 Continution of Notice No. 734/12.01.21 & 783/10.12.21 for filling up form UG.Ist sem. and PG Ist sem. exam. 2021admitted after 22.12.2021 as per the programme. Principal
03/04.01.2022 Filling of form (Off Line mode) for UG Ist,IIIrd,Vth sem & PG Ist,IIIrd sem 2021 Back and Imp. Exam Principal
31.12.2021 Filling of Forms for P.G.Ist Sem. back & Improvement along with self finansing PPP mode 2020 Adm. batch Principal
28.12.2021 Revised date for Opening of Quotation Principal
28.12.2021 Provisionally selection list for U.G. Ist yr. classes 2021-22 Principal
28.12.2021 Provisionally selection list for P.G. Ist yr. classes 2021-22 Principal
21.12.2021 Quotation for Identity card Principal
13.12.2021 Filling Up of Forms U.G. Ist / 3rd semester Back and Improvement +3 IIIrd year all classes 2019 Adm. batch U.G. Ist. semester Back and Improvement +3 IInd year all classes 2020 Adm., batch Principal
11.12.2021 Filling Up of Forms P.G. Ist year and P.G. Ist & IIIrd back, S/F Ist & IIIrd back, U.G. Ist,3rd,5th back and Improvement all classes Principal
All Notice from 10.12.2021 is avalable on above row
W.App /11.5.20 UGC Grant Commission Public Notice
EX-374/02.9.20 Examination Notice for UG & PG Principal Notice
EX-394 to 396


Examination Programme for UG-6th ,4th,2nd sem. Reg. and Back 2020 Controller of Exam.
EX-397 to 398


Examination Programme for PG-4th,2nd sem. Reg. and Back 2020 Controller of Exam.
EX-399 to 400


Examination Programme for B.Ed. (SF)2nd Year. Reg. and Back 2020 Controller of Exam.
Ex. 412/18.9.20 Examination Methods - 2020 Controller of Exam.
EX-414 & 415 19.09.2020 Examination Revised Programme for Bed 2020 Controller of Exam.
Ex-432 /26.09.20 Examination Modification Programme for Bed 2020  Controller of Exam.
Ex-434 to 439 Examination Revised Programme 2020 Controller of Exam.
Ex-4340to 442 Examination Revised Programme for s/f course Controller of Exam.
Ex441,442,450,451 Examination Revised Programme for s/f course and U.G. P.G. Controller of Exam.
EX-463/08.10.20 Re-Admission Notice for UG & PG Principal Notice
EX-489/21.10.20 Spl. Examination Programme within 22.10.20-26.10.20 Controller of Exam.


08.01.2021 Board of Studies meeting held on 13.01.2021 Controller of Exa.

Examination Programme for Mid Sem. Exam. 2020 for +3 IIIrd Yr. & PG IInd Yr. classes

Controller of Exa.

P.G. Spot selection list 2021


P.G. Spot selection list for admission2021

28.01.2021 Examination schedule for UG & PG  back  and Improvement 2020 Controller of Exa
01.02.2021 Form Fill up progeamme u.g. 1st,3rd 2017-2018  & 1st/3rd 2015-2018 adm. bach Controller of Exa.

IIIrd phase admission notice

04.02.2021 Ist semister PG & Sf Course 2017,2018-19 Controller of Exa.
11.02.2021 Advertisement for G.F. in Eng. & Physics Principal

Hostel Selection for P.G. students


Hostel Selection for BEd Students


Auction sale notice for old answer scripts

23.02.2021 UG Vth & PG IIIrd Sem. End Examination Programme 2020-21 Principal

Scholarship Notice for UG & PG


Auction sale notice for old answer scripts is re-scheduled on 06.03.2021

06.03.2021 Examination Programme for UG IInd, IVth,PG IInd / IVth sem. 2020 Back and Improvement Prncipal
19.03.2021 Vacant seat admission for P.G. 2020-21 Principal
27.03.2021 Selected list against vacant seats for P.G. Principal
27.03.2021 Modification order No-93,96 dt.23.02.2021

& 169 dt. 04.03.2021 

03.04.2021 Prog. for +3 IInd yr.Regular & Impr. , Back Principal
08.04.2021 I.Card Distribution for U.G.Ist year Principal
06.04.2021 Prog. for U.G.Ist sem. Back and Impr.2020- 2015-2018 Adm. bach Principal
15.4.2021 Tender Call Notice for (Purchase of Book) Principal
15.4.2021 Finance Committee Meting Notice Principal
30.4.2021 Filling up of Forms U.G. 2nd,4th,6th reg. and

2nd, 4th back & Improvement +3 3rd year

03.05.2021 Modification of Letter No-315 dt.10.4.2021 & Letter no.360,362 dt. 30.4.2021 Principal
17.6.2021 Filling of Forms for U.G. IInd ,IVth, VIth sem. Principal
25.6.2021 Filling of Forms U.G. / P.G. 2016-17&18 Principal
25.6.2021 Distri bution of Admit card & Collection of Practical records and Project Principal Bhadrak H.S. School
02.7.2021 Filling of form P.G. IInd sem & IInd IVth back and self finansing reg & back Principal
08.7.2021 Distribution of Identity card for the year 2020 Principal
06.7.2021 Online form fillup U.G.Ist year & U.G.II/IV/VI sem 2021 Principal
08.7.2021 Guideline for conduct of Examination ( R & B ) for U.G. final sem. students 2018 Adm. batch Principal
14.7.2021 P.G. 4th sem. Mentor list Controller
14.7.2021 U.G. 6th sem. Mentor list Controller
14.7.2021 B.Ed IInd yr. Mentor list Controller
14.7.2021 Board of Conducting Examiners meeting on 14.7.2021 Principal
14.7.2021 Revised guideline & Examination Programme for online Exam. Ug. & P.G. Principal
14.7.2021 Distribution of Reg. No uof U.G. Students Principal
14.7.2021 Result of U.G. Vth sem Exam. 2020 Principal
15.7.2021 Guideline for Mid-Sem.online Exam.2021 Principal
16.7.2021 Prog. for Mid. Sem. Examonation 2021 U.G.-V & P.G. IInd, IIIrd sem. Principal
20.7.2021 Online Examination Programme for U.G. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,sem. back & 6th sem. Reg/Back 2021, BEd IInd yr. Reg./Back Principal
20.7.2021 Online Examination Programme for P.G. 1st,2nd sem. back & 4th sem. Reg/Back Principal
22.7.2021 Practical Exam. Programme for U.G. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th&6th sem 2021 Principal
22.7.2021 Revised Programme foe Mid-Sem. Back UG/PG 2021 Principal

Filling of Forms UG Ist & IInd sem. Arts/Science/Commerce/BCA 2021 and Guide line for UG/PG/B.Ed  Reg,Back online Exam. 2021

05.8.2021 Filling of forms PG 1st,2nd sem-2020, UG-VI & PG-IV Mid sem 2021,S.F.Course 2020, Principal

Re-Admission Notice for U.G IInd yr, IIIrd yr & P.G. IInd yr classes  and Payment of course fee for S.F. P.G. course 2019 Adm. .

26.08.2021 NSS Event on 28.08.2021 Principal
28.08.2021 Online & Offline classes for Ist yr P.G. and U.G Principal
01.9.2021 Publication of Result P.G. IIIrd Sem. 2020 Controller
01.9.2021 Mid-Sem. Examination Programme & Guideline of U.G. Ist Sem. & P.G. IInd Sem. Controller
01.9.2021 Mid-Sem. Back Examination Programme 2021 U.G. -VI & P.G. IV Controller
03.9.2021 Re-Admission of +3 IInd,IIIrd, & P.G. IInd yr classes along with Form fillup for one year Principal
04.09.2021 Examination Programme for P.G. Ist Sem. Reg./Back/Improvement2021,U.G.IIIrd SemReg./Back/Improvement2021, U.G.Ist Sem. Reg./Back/Improement2021, and Off Line Programme forU.G.3rd Sem. Improvement 2021. Prncipal
14.9.2021 Revised U.G. 3rd semister progrAmme/first semistewr improvement programme and p.g. 1st year regul online Examination 2020  Prncipal

Walk in Interview for G.F. in Physics, Economics,& Computer science

619/18.9.21 U.G. & P.G. Result 2021 Principal
2002/20.9.21 Notification for Physical Class Room Teaching & Application for Hostel Accommodation of +3 Ist year students, on or before 27.9.21 Principal
622/20.9.2021 Rechecking of mark P.G. Sem-III (R&B) Controller
28.9.2021 Modification order of BSC.ITM IIIrd sem exam. & Re-Admission of +3 Sc. Class. Principal
2076/25.9.21 Online Scholarship form for U.G. & P.G. Principal
2695/13.11.2021 Hostel Application Form for P.G. 1st Yr. Principal
Filling of forms for U.G. & S/F courses
2021 Adm. bach
2810/17.11.21 Hostel Selection list for P.G. Ist Yr.Student Principal
754,759,761 dt.20.11.2021 Revised Filling of forms for U.G. & S/F courses 2021 Adm. bach Principal
765/23.11.2021 Filling of form for UG Ist / IIIrd & P.G. Ist 21 rincipal



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